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8 Reasons to See a Therapist

Years ago, the idea of seeing a therapist for help navigating through a difficult event or an emotional struggle was often stigmatized, portrayed as a sign of weakness or of mental instability. In recent years, much of the stigma attached to psychotherapy has, fortunately, diminished, opening up a potentially life-changing source of support for those who sought it out. Still,...[ read more ]

Choosing a Therapist

Finding the right therapist can be challenging.  At first glance all therapists may seem alike, but no therapist is right for everyone.  Despite the difficulty, it is important to find a therapist that works for you. This is someone that you are going to establish an ongoing relationship with as you work through the issues that bring you to therapy...[ read more ]

Top 10 Coping Skills

What are some of the best coping skills out there? How they work depends on the individual, but it is possible to list some coping techniques that are helpful for most. As with anything, there are assumed rules when talking about coping skills.  Some of the coping techniques listed below may be triggers or unsafe activities for individuals. For example,...[ read more ]

4 Benefits of Couples Counseling

Anyone who has ever been in psychotherapy to get help for a personal issue knows how vulnerable it can make you feel. Therapy sessions are often emotional as past pain or trauma is revealed as part of the therapeutic process. The therapist gently guides their client through the counseling journey that eventually leads to insights that can be examined as...[ read more ]

Postpartum Depression: Recognizing The Signs

Most of us think we know about postpartum depression. We’ve seen the tragic news stories about mothers who take the lives of their own children. We’ve heard that women who suffer from it don’t feel love for or connection to their babies. And we equate depression with sadness, so therefore women afflicted by PPD are probably sad all the time,...[ read more ]

What it Means to Have Grown Up with an Alcoholic Parent

Imagine your surprise when it is discovered that the dysfunctions at play in various realms of your life can be traced back to having been raised by an alcoholic parent.  This revelation may have come about inadvertently during couples counseling when delving into marital problems.  Maybe the dots were connected when your boss chastised you for being unable to ever...[ read more ]

Holidays & Divorce – Parenting Issues

Today I noticed the first decorations signifying that the holiday shopping season is upon us.  Not surprisingly this thought was immediately followed by thoughts of holiday gift giving, finances, and the logistics of celebration. For many parents and children, this year’s celebrations are impacted by divorce or separation, maybe for the first time. Change in the structure of the family...[ read more ]

Socializing for the Socially Anxious

5 Tips for Overcoming Social Anxiety in Real Life Situations Who can forget that frightful feeling we experienced back in adolescence when we had to get up in front of the class and deliver a speech, recite a poem, or audition for a school play? The sheer terror of seeing our peers' faces staring at us left us trembling. All...[ read more ]

4 Ways Therapy Can Help When You’re Battling Infertility

The struggle of infertility can be all-consuming. Between running to medical appointments, tracking your temps, conducting hours of internet research, and trying to ignore that constant voice in your head that whispers “Is that a symptom of early pregnancy?” every time you feel an unexpected twinge in your body, it’s hard to fathom putting one more thing on your plate....[ read more ]

The Quarter-Life Crisis: In Your Mid-20s and Feeling Stuck

It is an age old rite of passage during one’s 20s until the mid-30s—that nagging sense that you are falling behind your peers, cohorts of the same generation who seem to, on the surface anyway, have it all dialed in. The first thing to understand, if you feel you are stuck in quarter-life crisis mode, is that this stage of...[ read more ]

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