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Sexual Assault – Trauma Recovery

It is hard not to have heard allegations of sexual assault levied against the Donald Trump in the current presidential campaign – the most recent reports coming to light after the release of the “hot mic” tape from 2005, where he is heard boasting about kissing and grabbing women with no regard for their consent. Even before the recent news...[ read more ]

The Most Important Relationship We Have Is With Ourselves

I once read a quote that said the most important relationship we have in our lives is with ourselves. That really stood out to me as I think often we prioritize the relationships we have with our significant other, family members, friends, or even work, ahead of the relationship we have with ourselves. But, when it comes down to it,...[ read more ]

Why Choose A Therapist Not Just A Life Coach

People chose to go to therapy for all kinds of reasons. Deciding to see a therapist does not mean that a person is “crazy” nor weak-willed. Psychotherapy is a “talking cure” that aims to help the client make sense of his/her feelings and experiences by working through the fears and concerns with the guidance of a trained clinician. Seeing a...[ read more ]

How To Cope – Improving Coping Skills

Everyone copes, but some ways are better than others. Looking at how we cope, and what we want the outcome to be are important steps to improving overall functioning. Looking for help coping with social distancing due to the coronavirus? Check out this post:  Coping with the Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place Life So What Are Coping Skills Anyway? Coping skills are abilities...[ read more ]

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