Mindfulness: What it Means, Part 1

Engaging Mindfully, Not Mindlessly, in Everyday Life These days, the term mindfulness has become part of our cultural vernacular. Most people have a general sense of what mindfulness means, such as it being the practice of staying focused on the present moment. To truly understand the powerful impact of practicing mindfulness in everyday life, however, it is helpful to know...[ read more ]

Grieving is a Process that Requires Patience

More than one kind of loss When we think of grieving we automatically conjure up an image of someone suffering the loss of a loved one.  Whether it is a spouse, a sibling, a close friend, a parent, or a child, the emotional wounds left by their loss can take a very long time to heal….if ever.  Each person grieves...[ read more ]

Yep, Men Get Depressed Too

6 Signs of Depression in Men News flash: It isn’t only women who can suffer from depression. Yes, women are much more likely to admit to themselves and others that they are struggling with persistent depressed mood, making it easy to forget that men, too, can fall into depression. Men typically are not as “in touch” with their feelings as...[ read more ]

Confidentiality, Protections and Issues

In this day and age, confidentiality is more important than ever in the therapeutic setting. It is crucial that a client can trust that the sensitive issues that the client relates in session stays in the session. The legally protected confidentiality found in a therapeutic relationship is the bedrock of trust. As detailed below, PeoplePsych therapists, like all licensed psychotherapists,...[ read more ]

8 Reasons to See a Therapist

Years ago, the idea of seeing a therapist for help navigating through a difficult event or an emotional struggle was often stigmatized, portrayed as a sign of weakness or of mental instability. In recent years, much of the stigma attached to psychotherapy has, fortunately, diminished, opening up a potentially life-changing source of support for those who sought it out. Still,...[ read more ]

Choosing a Therapist

Finding the right therapist can be challenging.  At first glance all therapists may seem alike, but no therapist is right for everyone.  Despite the difficulty, it is important to find a therapist that works for you. This is someone that you are going to establish an ongoing relationship with as you work through the issues that bring you to therapy...[ read more ]

Top 10 Coping Skills

What are some of the best coping skills out there? How they work depends on the individual, but it is possible to list some coping techniques that are helpful for most. As with anything, there are assumed rules when talking about coping skills.  Some of the coping techniques listed below may be triggers or unsafe activities for individuals. For example,...[ read more ]

4 Benefits of Couples Counseling

Anyone who has ever been in psychotherapy to get help for a personal issue knows how vulnerable it can make you feel. Therapy sessions are often emotional as past pain or trauma is revealed as part of the therapeutic process. The therapist gently guides their client through the counseling journey that eventually leads to insights that can be examined as...[ read more ]

Postpartum Depression: Recognizing The Signs

Most of us think we know about postpartum depression. We’ve seen the tragic news stories about mothers who take the lives of their own children. We’ve heard that women who suffer from it don’t feel love for or connection to their babies. And we equate depression with sadness, so therefore women afflicted by PPD are probably sad all the time,...[ read more ]

What it Means to Have Grown Up with an Alcoholic Parent

Imagine your surprise when it is discovered that the dysfunctions at play in various realms of your life can be traced back to having been raised by an alcoholic parent.  This revelation may have come about inadvertently during couples counseling when delving into marital problems.  Maybe the dots were connected when your boss chastised you for being unable to ever...[ read more ]

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