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The Offices & The Art

Our offices are not decorated like your traditional therapist office: white walls with a framed poster or two of a landscape or impressionist painting – sometimes there is a small plant as well.  We find those therapy offices to be bland and not somewhere we want to spend much time.

Traditionally, the mindset behind the extremely generic decor is that clients require a calm neutral place for therapy clients to work on their issues.  It is thought that by decorating with neutral colors and generally approved-of art, a client will not be put off by, or be otherwise uncomfortable, due to the decor.  In actuality, however, there is often little thought into how an individual therapy space actually impacts the individual client.

However, we thought very much about both the therapist and client experience in our offices.  We wanted to create spaces that encouraged thought and movement while being accepting of the person as a whole.

As a result, our offices are comfortable inviting spaces that do not encourage complacency.  Instead, they are designed to be safe comfortable spaces that encourage you to confront the internal conflicts that brought you to therapy.

Psychotherapy focuses on helping people be themselves.  We want to bring out the uniqueness of each client, so a place that strives to appeal to the most common denominator would not suit our purposes – every one of our clients are unique individuals and cannot be satiated by what the masses approve of.  We created spaces that celebrate individualism, not the group.  In many ways, the art serves to help clients remember that they are not alone in their feelings and they should not focus on being like everyone else.

Monadnock Building: 53 W Jackson, Suite 1605

Clients in this office are greeted and surrounded by street photography and prints that ask the viewer to complete the story.  The street photography displayed primarily focuses on our interaction with space and others in the urban environment.  While the prints allow for a different type of personal introspection and support for the whimsical nature of personal aspirations.

Artists Exhibited Include

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111 N Wabash, Suite 1203

The art in this office consists primarily of original paintings specifically selected for this office.  The only theme to the art is that they have faces. They are not happy or sad – they are just faces.  It is always interesting to learn what others see in the art.  Few see the same person or story, but everyone sees something.

Artists Exhibited Include

Directions to and more information about this office is available here….

Monadnock Office

53 W Jackson Blvd., Suite 1605
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Wabash Office

111 N Wabash Ave., Suite 1203
Chicago, Illinois 60602