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Update Your Listing

Click this link – or the image to the right to update information in PsychologyToday listing.

This will take you to a form where you can update all or some of the sections on the profile. You need not update all of the sections and the form is divided into sections defined by PsychologyToday.

Please note: If you update one subsection of the form, we will treat that as the complete selection. As an example: if you wish to add specialties check ALL the specialties to you want marked including those that are already marked in that subsection.

Once the form is submitted we will receive your requested edits and make them directly to your profile.  To prevent spam submissions this form is password protected.  It is the same password as used to access this page.

Submit Book Review

To submit a book review please click this link or the picture at the right.  You will be forwarded to an online form to submit your review.  As usual, this form is password protected to prevent spam.  The password is the same as the one for this page.

Things to remember:  

In your narrative imagine your audience and speak to them.  Your audience is your ideal client and/or one of their collaterals.

YOU are recommending these books specifically.  This serves as a valuable resource for your clients and as a “credibility wall” for potential new clients.  This is especially important in building your practice in the current atmosphere of virtual sessions only.

Again, since the purpose behind all of the marketing efforts this year is to showcase your authentic selves, I will simply cut and paste the answer you write when posting on the website. Obvious typos will be corrected (if caught) but not edited for content.