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It is not unusual for new clients to wonder what the sessions will be like…

…or how they will fill an hour talking about themselves.

However, most clients are surprised by how fast the time goes by.

Know that we understand that first appointments with a therapist, whether new to counseling or not, can cause anyone anxiety. We pride ourselves on understanding the therapeutic relationship from the client perspective.

It is our job to create a comfortable and safe environment for each person that seeks our services. During the session, we take our lead from you – listening, asking questions, and giving information to facilitate your goals.

Your initial appointment at PeoplePsych is the first chance for you and your therapist to get to know one another.

Your therapist will review privacy protections as well as clarify the structure of the sessions.

It is also a chance for you, as much as you are comfortable, to talk about what brings you to therapy and any past experiences with therapy. It is important for you to let your therapist know about your past therapy or clinical experiences, especially what you did or did not like about your past therapy or counselors.

For the most part, your ongoing sessions will be similar to your first session at PeoplePsych. Once you enter the office with your therapist, a conversation will start. You can either take the lead and talk about what is on your mind – or have us ask you some questions to help you connect with the issues that you want to address.

We try to manage the time during the session as much as possible to ensure that you do not feel the session ends abruptly.

And if you find that fiddling with something is helpful, each therapy office has some toys for you to play with during the session.

When You Arrive

There isn’t a receptionist or other check-in at our offices, but there is a waiting area inside the suite.  You can go ahead and have a seat, your therapist will come out to greet you at the designated time.

Please click on the specific office page for more information about the office:

Video Sessions/Telehealth

We use a secure HIPPA compliant web-based video call platform to conduct sessions. Clients access telehealth sessions via a secure webpage. There is nothing to download and the site can be accessed via your phone, tablet, or computer as you wish. You simply access your therapist’s “waiting room” at the time of the session by clicking the link and entering your name. You are then entered into the virtual ‘waiting room’. Once there your therapist can start the call.

All you have to do to prepare for the session is to make sure that you are in a comfortable space, with a good internet connection, where you can speak freely without concern of others hearing you. If you have used your device for a video call or meeting prior to the session you might want to restart your computer prior to the call as sometimes has issues accessing microphones or cameras that have been or are residually occupied. Also, in computers Doxy works best and most reliably in Chrome.

Clients are asked to complete the TeleHealth Informed Consent as well.