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Trauma Recovery

Whether it’s a car accident, abuse or neglect, the death of a loved one, a violent criminal act, exposure to the violence, a natural disaster, suicide, or something seemingly more innocuous like a move or illness – it’s impossible to go through life without experiencing a traumatic event.

Sometimes the event seems to grab hold and infect your general sense of well-being and competence – that is when you are having a trauma reaction.  It might not even feel like an acute reaction – instead a chronic state of unease.  Still it is a trauma reaction – and one that you should not ignore.

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You are not weak.

Your strength got you through the experience.  But, you are having a trauma response.

This is your response to what was, for you, a deeply distressing or disturbing event.  It is a subjective response – and not everyone who experiences the same event will have the same response. Your reaction is real and valid. You are not weak.

Your ability to cope has simply been overwhelmed. Maybe you’re feeling helpless, questioning your worth, or having difficulty fully engaging in life like before.

It is not hopeless.

There is hope.  You are not alone, and you are not broken.

We can help you draw on your strength and start to process the pain, fear, and sadness that result from the trauma and permeate your daily life.

You can recover. You are a survivor.

Healing from trauma is possible.

You are already a survivor.

In the safe space of the therapeutic relationship, you will process the traumatic experience and explore its effects on your life and relationships.

Through this process, you will reclaim your life and live with renewed confidence and optimism.

Trauma Reaction

While many people can recover from trauma over time with the love and support of family and friends and bounce back with resiliency, others may discover effects of lasting trauma, which can cause a person to live with deep emotional pain, fear, confusion, or posttraumatic stress far after the event has passed.

In these circumstances, the support, guidance and assistance of a therapist is fundamental to healing from trauma.

Trauma Symptoms

According to the four types of symptoms listed in the DSM-5

Avoidance Symptoms

    • Avoiding specific locations, sights, situations, and sounds that serve as reminders of the event
    • Anxiety, depression, numbness, or guilt

Re-experiencing Symptoms

    • Intrusive thoughts, nightmares or flashbacks

Hyperarousal Symptoms

    • Anger, irritability and hypervigilance
    • Aggressive, reckless behavior, including self-harm
    • Sleep disturbances

Negative Mood and Cognition Symptoms

    • Loss of interest in activities that were once considered enjoyable
    • Difficulty remembering details of the distressing event
    • Change in habits or behavior since the trauma

Research has proven psychotherapy to be the most effective form of treatment for trauma.

If you or someone you know match the trauma symptoms listed above, PeoplePsych therapists specialize in trauma recovery.   Contact our Clinical Coordinator to be connected with the best therapist for you.

Therapy can help.

Working one-on-one with a therapist, you can learn to accept and address feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt or depression. And clarify what you want in life and how you want to live you life. Your therapist can help you find ways to cope with your uncomfortable emotions and difficult interactions.  Therapy can help you process experiences and emotions in a healthy way so that you can work to move forward in your life.

Therapy can give you the power to reclaim your life. Together, we will figure out what is holding you back and find a path to creating the life you want.

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