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Putting Order in the Chaos


We live in a stressful, complex, and contradictory world.

You do your best to cope with the chaos around you, but sometimes it gets overwhelming.  The chaos makes you question your decisions, sometimes it can even make you question who and how you are.  Why are there so many obstacles to the life and relationships you want? Shouldn’t there be a clearer path?  It can be so hard to navigate through the noise. You’re following the rules – shouldn’t it be easier?

You’re not broken.

But what you’re doing isn’t working for you.  Craving to connect more fully but end up feeling needy and more alone.  Wanting to feel safe, but unease grows and bleeds through.  Striving to be authentic, but there is so much noise it is hard to hear your true self.

Welcome to PeoplePsych.

We’ll help you cut through the noise and find your own voice.

You are unique and deserve to be treated that way. Regardless of what brings you, our work is tailored to you.

We are therapists in Chicago providing comprehensive psychotherapy services to those seeking profound and positive change in their lives.

Our clients are not a specific “type” of person. They don’t have a certain “type” of reason for coming to see us. Some are working through a relationship or life transition, while others are dealing with more chronic problems such as anxiety, depression, or trauma recovery.

There is only one thing every client has in common: each has committed to taking steps to feel better and pursue the life they want.

It is our pleasure to assist in this process.

As therapists, we are relaxed, engaged, and active participants in each session. It is our job to help you feel as comfortable and as positive as possible while we help you tackle what brings you to our offices.

Our therapists are as unique as our clients. Visit our therapist page to find who is right for you.

Break down the barriers and claim the life you want.

We are honored by your trust and look forward to helping you live the life you want.

Email us or call (312) 252-5252 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to talking with you.

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