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Neurodivergent: Aspergers/Autism Spectrum

If you are an adult living with Aspergers Syndrome or an Autism Spectrum (ASD) you are not alone.  It is a remarkably common neurological difference that defines the unique framework of your perspective and experience – but it does not mean something is wrong with you.

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You are not broken – this is just how your brain works.

Unfortunately, being on the spectrum does not make you immune to other behavioral health concerns that anyone (including neurotypicals) might seek the help of a therapist.  It may mean, however, that run-of-the-mill talk therapy may not be a good fit for you.

Specifically, if you are on the spectrum, you might struggle with anxiety, depressive, and/or substance abuse disorders that further complicate your interpersonal interactions and connection to the larger community. These are perfectly good reasons to see a therapist but means that a therapist needs to tailor the sessions to address your specific relational difficulties versus applying a rote intervention for anyone with ASD. Although you have an ASD, you are not like everyone else with the same condition.

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before and found it frustrating.  Likely you saw a skilled therapist, but one that was not knowledgeable or comfortable working with those on the autism spectrum.  You have feelings but likely are not able to articulate or respond to them as others expect. Realizing a benefit from your work with a psychotherapist can be challenging simply because the therapist is expecting you to have insight into your feelings and experiences that is inaccessible.

Our Perspective

Aspergers and ASD conditions are best seen and understood simply as a neurological difference – a condition that presents relational difficulties that those having the condition, and those who care about them, have to accommodate versus trying to cure. When working with anyone, including those with Aspergers/ASD, our focus is always on helping clients gain comfort and confidence in being their true selves, not who they think they are expected to be.

How can Therapy Help?

At PeoplePsych we focus on understanding who you are and how you function.  We then tailor our approach to how you function in the relationship.  From this perspective, we work with you to resolve the issues that bring you to us.

Through our work, you should notice an alleviation of the issues that brought you to us as well as:

  • Expanded emotional awareness
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased insight and self-acceptance
  • Increased empathy for self and others
  • More effective communication with others
  • Expanded feelings of connectedness with self and others

About the Sessions

Over time you might have developed a series of “rules” that guide how you engage with others.  Following them tends to decrease your anxiety in new or unfamiliar social situations.  In a therapist’s office you are supposed to “make yourself at home” and feel “safe”, and the “rules” are not always clear.  This can be more than a little uncomfortable!

In PeoplePsych’s therapy spaces (both in-person and virtual), it is both OK and appreciated when you ask questions and state what your needs are.  It is our goal to meet your needs – but you do have to tell us what you need.  We will tell you if we cannot meet your needs.

  • Some clients find the office lights distressing – if so, let your therapist know.  We turn the lights off and only use the ambient light.
  • Some clients find the furniture uncomfortable  – you can move the pillows around to create a comfortable space to sit.
  • Some clients have a really difficult time responding to direct questions – so we work together to create a means of communicating that doesn’t cause so much distress.
  • Sometimes the only way you can tell us what you need is in writing – that’s OK to.

It is not possible to document all of the potential barriers to a successful therapist/client relationship but know that we want to make the experience as emotionally and physically comfortable for you as possible.

Whatever you need, it is not wrong – it is simply what you need to be comfortable so you can focus on the issues that bring you to our offices. It is important that you tell us what you need, even if your rules tell you not to

Therapy can help.

If you know or think you might be living with Asperger’s or ASD and would like to work with a therapist who understands and respects your neurological difference – contact us today.  You can feel better.  Your therapist can help you find ways to cope with your uncomfortable emotions and difficult interactions.  Therapy can help you process experiences and emotions in a healthy way so that you can work to move forward in your life.

Therapy can give you the power to reclaim your life. Together, we will figure out what is holding you back and find a path to creating the life you want.

We are a Chicago-based psychotherapy group providing teletherapy to adults throughout Illinois who are seeking profound change in their lives.  We provide services that affirm the dignity, worth, and value of all individuals. We strive to create a safe non-judgemental space for clients to explore the issues that bring them. To connect with one of our therapists, please schedule a free intake consultation.