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Apr 21

Creating a Home Environment to Benefit Your Mental Well-Being

Have a spot for everything – organization

Having a spot for all belongings means limited clutter. Organization can help us manage overwhelming feelings. The inside of a home works best for mental health when the space acts as a refuge, not a place where we constantly feel like we need to clean. In action, this means, returning home and putting your keys in a very specific spot; the one second that placing your keys in a designated spot takes, will save you time and stress. Similarly, taking just a moment to place worn clothes into the laundry basket, will create a less stressful environment. Remember organization is self-care, too.


Try not to do all of your household duties at once

If able, try not to do all of your household duties at once, or even in one day. Imagine doing a few tasks each day, instead of having to quickly complete household tasks in the span of a few hours on one given day. Similarly, to taking the limited amount of time to put your keys away or put laundry away in the moment (as discussed above), a quick wipe down of a countertop or 5 minutes to vacuum when you have a moment, will add up over time. If you struggle getting tasks done due to fatigue or symptoms related to a mental health condition, try setting your timer for 10-15 minutes and complete what you can in that span of time.

Make sure the bedroom is designed for sleep.

This could mean adding items such as: black out curtains if your bedroom gets a lot of light; a white noise machine to block out the external noise and help focus thoughts; keeping the bedroom temperature between 65/68 F degrees; and finally, if you cannot sleep, or are prone to waking up in the middle of night, try to refrain from looking at your phone.

Personal touches, that keeps your home comfy cozy.

We spend a lot of time inside, especially during the cooler seasons. A home is a place to relax and rejuvenate. Light candles, add plants, add cushions, anything that makes home an inviting place you cannot way to be.
Keep things around your home that are known to be helpful for mental health, such as: a weighted blanket, a happy light (especially over Chicago’s colder months); an easily accessible journal; and a yoga mat to encourage some form of daily movement.

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