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Jun 20

Couples Counseling Online…Really?

Online Couples Counseling?

A “new” approach lends to greater accessibility

Online couples counseling has become the norm since the pandemic changed the couples counseling landscape in 2020.  The provision of online counseling (through secure private video platforms) became the norm out of neccesity, but stayed the optimal service delivery method due to it being a simple benefit gain.

Online relationship and couples  counseling can be highly successful and offers a viable alternative to traditional in-person sessions. Its effectiveness hinges on the couple’s commitment, the use of HIPAA compliant secure technology, and the therapist’s ability to facilitate meaningful interactions remotely.

Video couples counseling can be quite successful and has several benefits that contribute to its effectiveness:

  1. Accessibility

    Video couples counseling makes it easier for couples to attend sessions, especially those with busy schedules, living in remote areas, or having mobility issues. This increased accessibility can lead to more consistent attendance and engagement.

  2. Comfort

    Being in a familiar environment can help couples feel more relaxed and open, facilitating more honest and productive conversations.

  3. Convenience

    The convenience of not having to travel can reduce stress and make it easier to fit counseling sessions into daily routines.

  4. Flexibility

    Video counseling offers more flexibility in scheduling, which can help couples find times that work best for both partners.

  5. Reduced Stigma

    For some, the idea of going to a therapist’s office can feel stigmatizing. Video counseling can reduce this barrier, encouraging more couples to seek help.

  6. Effectiveness

    Research indicates that telehealth/online counseling, including video sessions, can be as effective as in-person counseling. Therapists can use the same techniques and interventions, and couples can experience similar levels of improvement in their relationship.

  7. Safety and Privacy

    For couples in abusive or highly contentious situations, video counseling can provide a safer and more controlled environment for therapy sessions.  However, as in all such relationship/couples counseling care must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety both during and after the session.

Considerations for Success

While video couples counseling has many benefits, its success can depend on several factors:

  • Technology: Reliable internet connection, good quality video, and audio equipment are essential for effective communication.
  • Privacy: Ensuring partners have a private and quiet space for sessions to avoid interruptions and maintain confidentiality.
  • Engagement: For any relationship or couples counseling, all/both partners need to be committed and actively participate in the sessions.
  • Therapist’s Expertise: Choosing a therapist experienced in telehealth and skilled in managing the dynamics of couples counseling remotely.

Research and Evidence

Studies have shown that online or video-based therapy can lead to significant improvements in relationship satisfaction and communication skills. It has been found to be particularly beneficial for couples who might otherwise face barriers to accessing in-person counseling.

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